​​​​​Dallas Burrell DVM
Native of Sacramento, California, Dallas moved with his family to many states before settling in Michigan City, Indiana to attend high school. After graduation he joined the Marine Corps and served in Okinawa. After honorable discharge he traveled then worked on a northern Michigan dairy farm. While there, he became interested in veterinary medicine, and started his college career at Ferris State University. He later transfered to Michigan State University to complete his undergraduate work and attend the College of Veterinary Medicine. During the summers he worked on Mackinaw Island with carriage horses. 

Upon graduation from the College of Veterinary Medicine , Dallas worked as an associate veterinarian at Cashton Veterinary Clinic in Cashton, Wisconsin then later at Root River Veterinary Center in Preston, Minnesota. In December of 1992 he took a position as a mixed animal practitioner with Airport Animal Clinic in Cadillac, Michigan where he worked for 14 years. In early 2006 he and his wife purchased Stoney Corners Veterinary Service in McBain, Michigan. 

Professionally, Dallas likes the variety of all species but he's especially interested in equine dentistry. In his free time he enjoys reading his Bible, going for long walks with his dogs, playing guitar, and downhill skiing.

Judy Boyer Burrell DVM

​Judy Boyer Burrell, native of Franklin, Michigan grew up loving horses and German Shepherds. Upon graduation from Birmingham's Groves High School, she attended University of Michigan in Dearborn. During the summers she was head horsemanship instructor at Bair Lake Bible Camp in Jones, Michigan and Wildwood Ranch in Howell, Michigan. 

When she transfered to Michigan State University she majored in animal science with an emphasis on Swine Nutrition. Michigan State's College of Veterinary Medicine granted her a diploma in 1987. She then took employment at Sparta Vet clinic in Sparta, Wisconsin as a mixed animal practitioner. Her border collie, Blue, accompanied her on calls. In 1988, she and Dallas married and she worked part-time at several clinics including Root River Veterinary Center, Houston Vet Clinic, and Stewartville Vet Clinic around the Preston, Minnesota area. One of her weekly highlights included trips to the 21st Century Genetics bull stud. 

Dallas and Judy's first child was born in 1992 starting Judy's greater emphasis on their purebred Nubian goat herd. She moved with her family to Michigan later that year. While she took time off from professional veterinary work, she continued her involvement with horses, goats, cats, dogs, cattle, pigs and even chickens as a 4-H mom and leader. She coached the Goat Getters 4-H club to several state placing in Skill-a-thon and Quiz bowl. In 2006 she resumed veterinary practice when she and Dallas purchased Stoney Corners Veterinary Clinic. She has a professional interest in zoonotic diseases and the human-animal bond.

Robin Wigger

Robin a native of Williams, Arizona; graduated from Williams High School in 1973. From there, 
Robin began raising many different animals.  She has experience in raising Heelers, Chihuahuas, Toy Fox Terriers, Min - Pins, Pomeranians, Bichon Frises, and Westies. She currently raises toy Poodles, Yorkies, and Shih Tzus.

If you're interested in learning more about her dogs or purchasing a new puppy you can visit her website: www.poodlesunderfoot.com. Aside from raising many different types of dogs, Robin also worked at the Bars Animal Clinic in Wickenburg, Arizona. 

In 1990 Robin moved to Michigan where she worked at Stoney Corners Veterinary Service for Dr. Brian Smith for 13 years. After his passing she continued to work at the clinic after it was bought by Dallas and Judy Burrell as the clinic manager. 

Lynn Horvath

 Lynn grew up in the McBain area. She worked on local dairy farms for approximately 10 years  (milking, calving, health, herd management, a.i., ect.) before she found a passion for grooming in  the fall of 2005 and has been loving it ever since.

Lynn was also a big part of the Parrot Station Rescue in Battle Creek before they closed. Lynn has done seminars, research and classes on anything to do with parrots. She has a Pomeranian named Whicket, 2 Siamese cats whose names are Jasper and Oliver, and 3 parrots. The parrots are a sun conure named Comet, a Patagonian conure named Milo, and a Catalina macaw named Indy. She loves to read, do anything crafty, fish, hike, and spend time outdoors and with her critters.

Heather Chilson

Heather joined SCVS staff in March of 2014. She graduated from McBain Public High School, and in 2004 she graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Anthropology. She loves all animals but primates are her favorite. She has traveled extensively to study and/or volunteer with endangered primates. Heather has one pet cat named Neptune and spends her free time running, kayaking, and reading.

Rosemary (Bud) Storey

Bud is a true Michigander; born in Alpena, and grew up in the Flint/Flushing area, until her fathers’ business brought her family northward in 1974. She graduated from Houghton Lake High school in 1975. Bud has had many different careers, including waitressing for 10 years, working in the Houghton Lake Community schools , gardening with Friends Ministry, and finally joining Stoney Corners Vet Service. Bud enjoyed a few mission trips when she attended Merritt Methodist Church. She traveled to Kazakhstan, worked with the local church for two weeks, and left part of her heart there. Bud has also been on other mission trips, including working with Samaritans Purse after Hurricane Katrina. Bud enjoys her grandchildren, her 4 dogs , 4 cats, and gardening. 

Mikayla is our smiling helper in and out of the clinic. Horses are her favorite animal. At home she has three cats and just sold her 4H feeder steer. Next year she plans on expanding her 4H menagerie to a turkey, duck, and goat in addition to another steer. She enjoys playing softball, basketball, and volleyball on her winning school teams. 

Eli is groundkeeper for our veterinary service. He is involved with his cross country and track teams. During the summer of 2016 he met his goal of running 300 miles. He has participated in mission trips to assist with housing upkeep for the disadvantaged in Cleveland, OH, and Holland, MI. In his high school band, he is drum major and plays trombone.  He lives with his family and five cats.

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